Text & Data Mining (TDM)

Symposium, organised by the Office of Scholarly Communication, University of Cambridge, 12 July 2017

This fascinating workshop provided not only very helpful insights into the wider field of Text & Data Mining (TDM) but also to a number of exciting projects.

Following the call for promoting TDM applications and help increasing TDM across the EU, I list here a couple of projects which offer a huge amount of informations (i. e. on TDM processes, copyright laws etc.) and services (software download, advice on workflows, training etc.).

The FutureTDM project set out to improve the uptake of text and data mining in the European Union. This project is funded by the EU in order to identify barriers which hinder the usage of TDM for research and determine necessary actions remove those barriers: http://www.futuretdm.eu/

The ContentMine project provides open source software to analyse research papers. They also offer workshop and training sessions: http://contentmine.org/

The OpenMinTeD projects also provides training and offers a platform which allows miners to share their tools and create there own workflows: http://openminted.eu

The National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) is a publicly-funded text mining centre. It provides a number of services and is operated by the University of Manchester. For more informations visit: http://www.nactem.ac.uk/

For more information about the symposium and the full programme see: http://osc.cam.ac.uk/text-and-data-mining-symposium