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Exhibition: Layers of Landscape



This exhibition looks at the changing face of travel, production and population in the Milesian landscape (around the ancient city of Miletos, today in modern Turkey) through images taken by various archaeologists, travellers and others working on the peninsula.
Most of these photographs were not intended as ‘artistic’ images as such, although many have strong aesthetic impact. Rather, as so often with photographs, it is through accidental serendipity that each highlights different layers of landscape that document the speed of change on the peninsula.
For more information in English see here, and for the Turkish version here.

Project Panormos Survey 2015 Open Data released!

I am pleased to announce that the Open Data pilot for our archaeological survey on the Milesian Peninsula is in full swing, with the availability of the complete data from the 2015 season (including find information, thumbnail photos and daily logs) on Zenodo, a public data repository run by CERN. Well done Toby and Néhémie! (For more read their article on the pilot.)

vogel-schwarz60pxFor more information, see the Project Panormos data release page


Processions, Propaganda, and Pixels: Reconstructing the Sacred Way Between Miletos and Didyma

Article by A. Slawisch & T. C. Wilkinson

The Sacred Way connecting the city of Miletos to the sanctuary of Didyma has long been considered one of the best-documented examples of a processional road from the ancient world. Views of the road have become ossified around an orthodox reconstruction of the route, which is assumed to have remained relatively static from the Archaic to the Roman period. A reexamination of the full epigraphic and archaeological evidence, incorporating the latest research in the region, highlights the many gaps in our knowledge and the possibility that the route and identity of the Sacred Way may have changed substantially through time. Computational modeling of the local topography confirms the feasibility of alternative routes and the effect that probable long-term landscape change around Panormos might have had.

This article calls for a fresh characterization of the Sacred Way from Miletos to Didyma, which envisages multiple periods of (re)invention and (re)construction from the Archaic period right up to the modern day.

Both, the article and an extensive appendix are open access via: